Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Looking for the answers to your questions about playing at Slots Heaven? Here is divine enlightenment to some of the most frequently asked questions:

  •   1THE BASICS 
    Am I allowed to play at Slots Heaven?

    Yes, if you are at least 18 years of age and have agreed to the Slots Heaven terms and conditions. Bear in mind that, just because you can access Slots Heaven from anywhere in the world, it does not necessarily mean you can gamble with us from there. For example, we cannot, as yet, accept US players - it is important that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country you are in.

    Where do I start?

    We recommend you download the free software as it will give you the best possible speed and quality. Once downloaded, the casino can be stored conveniently on your pc and played from your browser.

    How do I download?

    Click on any of the Download buttons you will find throughout the Slots Heaven website, including on the home page and this page. Alternatively, click here.

    Once the download is complete, Slots Heaven will appear in your computer's Start menu and/or on your desktop.

    How do I uninstall the online casino software?

    Instructions to remove software from your computer will vary slightly depending on your operating system. To uninstall the casino software on a Windows operating system, open the Start menu then click Control Panel. Choose Add or Remove Programs and find the program you want to uninstall. Select our casino software and click the Remove button.

    What should I do if I've mislaid my username and/or password?

    No problem. On the login page, you will see a “Forgot Password” button which allows you to reset your password instantly.

    Are Slots Heaven casino games fair?

    All our games meet the most stringent of industry standards and regulations.

    A sophisticated random number generator (RNG) ensures fair payout percentages for all our online casino games. The RNG randomly produces all online casino game results to unrealistic duplication (eg. two of the same card dealt at the same time). As these results cannot be predicted, they are completely random and remove the possibility of manipulation.

    How does Slots Heaven protect my privacy?

    The latest security measures, including a firewall and RSA encryption mean that your privacy at Slots Heaven is 100% safe. In fact, using your credit or debit card at Slots Heaven is actually safer than using it at your local department store, thanks to a carefully selected range of recognised international deposit methods, including the most trusted names in the industry such as Visa, NETELLER, and Skrill.

    What about responsible gaming?

    Unfortunately, not everyone gambles responsibly. We ensure that addicts and under age players recognise the dangers involved, educating them to adopt the correct practices. As a responsible gaming provider, Slots Heaven is fully committed to creating a responsible environment for everyone who bets in our casino.

    We educate our staff to recognise responsible gaming patterns and deal with problem areas. In this way, we encourage correct practices and an enjoyable casino experience. Click here for more details on responsible gaming.

    How can I customise my online game settings?

    Log in, select 'Options' and choose which setting to suit your playing needs. These include visual, audio and game settings.

    What is a multiplayer table?

    If you wish to play online with other members, choose a multiplayer table to play against them and chat online if you wish.

    How do I chat with other players?

    This can be done on either multi-player or private-group tables. Simply click the “Chat” button, type your message and click again on the “Chat” button to send your message.

    How do I see my game history?

    Go to the game you wish to check on, click “History” on the menu button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

    Where are the game rules and instructions?

    You’ll find all the rules and instructions on how to play in the “Help” section of the casino lobby.

    Can I remove or change my bets?

    Yes, games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat, allow you to do so by right-clicking your mouse on the chips you want to remove. Casino Roulette has a “Clear Bet button” which will remove all your bets from the table. Casino Slots and Video Poker have a “Cash Out” button, returning the coins from the machine to your balance. If more coins remain in the machine, don't worry - they will be addedd to your balance when you exit the game.

    Can I see all the wagers I've made?

    Click “Game History” in the casino lobby to access all the details of your past wagers.

    What is wagering?

    Wagering is the online casino term used for betting. You will see references to wagering requirements in connection with the bonuses we offer.

    How wagering works: if you receive a $10 bonus and the wagering requirement on the bonus is five times (x5) the amount, you must wager (bet) at least $50 before withdrawing your winnings.

    Can I get free bonuses at Slots Heaven?

    Our promotional emails regularly offer you free casino bonuses. To make the most of them all, make sure you check your emails every day.

    What are loyalty points?

    Each time you play for real money, you earn loyalty points which can be exchanged for cash bonuses. The rate at which you exchange them (redemption rate) depends upon the amount of loyalty points you have earned and the loyalty level you have reached. For more information on loyalty points click here.

    What can I expect as a VIP?

    Typical VIP treats include VIP invitation-only promotions, bigger bonuses, VIP tickets plus hospitality to top sporting or cultural events, often accompanied by your online casino VIP manager. We monitor all VIP accounts on a weekly basis, to ensure you receive heavenly service at all times. Click here for more information about our VIP programme.

    How do I make a deposit?

    Once you have downloaded the casino and opened the software, you are ready to create your Real Money account and make a deposit. Follow the on-screen messages and you’ll receive your username and password to enable you to log in and play for real money in just seconds.

    Click on Withdraw in the Cashier, select the preferred withdrawal method and the amount you wish to cash out. If you have any issues, use the Chat facility to receive assistance from our member support team. For full details of our withdrawal policy and processing timeframes, please click here.

    How do I withdraw my winnings?

    You can do so using your chosen online payment method. At Slots Heaven, we ensure you receive your funds as quickly and easily as possible.

    For security reasons, you will be required to verify your identity prior to making your cash withdrawals.

    For full details of our withdrawal policy and processing timeframes, please click here.

    What happens if I lose my internet connection while playing?

    Thanks to an advanced mechanism to protect player disconnections, you will simply be logged out after a period of inactivity and reconnect at exactly the same stage of the game as when the disconnection occurred.

    If you were playing Blackjack, Casino Craps, or Video Poker when the disconnection occurred and succeed in reconnecting prior to being logged out, the system will return you to the exact moment when the online casino game was interrupted.

    If you were playing a game such as Slots and Roulette, where the player does not affect the result of the game after placing the wager, proceed to the Game History section to view your game's outcome.

    What are the download specifications?

    The minimum requirements are:

    • 1,6GHz CPU Dual Core
    • 1GB of RAM or higher
    • 16MB Video Card (1280x800 or higher resolution, 16-bit color)
    • At least 3GB of free space on the hard drive
    • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or newer
    • Network Bandwidth of 512Kbit/s (for Live Games)
    • Flash Player 11.3 or newer installed into Internet Explorer

    The recommended requirements are:

    • 2.5GHz CPU or higher
    • 2GB of RAM or higher
    • At least 3GB of free disk space
    • 2GB ATI Radeon HD 3300
    • Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit
    • Network Bandwidth of 750Kbit/s (for Live Games)
    • Latest version of Flash Player installed into Internet Explorer