5-10 Line Slots

The original online slots machines were made with one single payline and three reels. They contained fruits such as cherries, lemons and oranges, and the Liberty bell played a significant role, as well. As time went on, though, demand for a more challenging gamble became high, and it was apparent that an updated version was necessary. That is when the 5-10 Line Slots machines were introduced. With this addition to the betting roster, the sport became even more popular and entertaining than ever before, and, while there have been even more involved options introduced since then, the simple 5-10 Line Slots machines are still popular with our fans, today. Take a look at some of the exciting options that are ready for you to win now!

All About 5-10 Line Slots

5-10 Line Slots machines have more paylines, so it is more exciting than the original single line option. The more possibilities you have for striking the victory during your session, the more likely you are to walk away a happier, richer punter! So, it’s a worthwhile gamble to play these Slots Heaven games, isn’t it? What’s more, you get a greater variety when you are dealing with these bigger league options. While it’s not as varied as the colossal versions that host up to 50 paylines, you can still get quite a bit of assortment from this category. Below, we’ve listed just a few of the gambles that you can try out whenever you want. Take a look, and find your new favourite waiting to be discovered!

5-10 Line Slots To Try Today!

FruitMania is a cry back to the classic version with plenty of fruit to go around. See if you can line up the right combination for a win!

For the sports fans in the audience, how about teeing off with the Golden Tour version? This golf-inspired addition to our series makes for some great fun all around, so try it out.

Take a break, and get on board at the Vacation Station! There’s plenty of cash to be won so you can really take that holiday when you are ready for one.

Queen of the Pyramids is your classic ancient Egyptian theme with all the trappings to make the experience as authentic as you can imagine. With Mummies, golden treasures and some unexplainable occurrences, you’ve got yourself an adventure!

There’s more in store for you when you join up with our stupendous betting arena. So hurry into Slots Heaven now, and find out how much fun winning can be, today!