Alchemist’s Lab Slots

Alchemist’s Lab lets you into the lab of a traditional alchemist who has the secret potion to unlock payouts beyond your wildest dreams. All the right ingredients to stir up the winning formula can be found on this 3 reel single-line online slots game. Even though this version has only 1 payline, it is full of all kinds of magical surprises that you wouldn’t expect from a classic slot machine.

Play Alchemist's Lab Slots Online

Even though it has the traditional reels of a classic one-armed bandit, it is set in the theme of ancient science and magic, giving it a unique spin, excuse the pun, on a classic version. The graphics are superb and present all the standard slots buttons and displays to you in a really unique way. For example, the buttons to Bet One, Bet Two, or Bet Max are designed as fire bellows, an apparatus commonly used in ancient scientific practices. This adds a fun element to the game. The info about your wins and bets placed are in the design of potion flasks, and the paytable is set in a potion-book.

How To Play Alchemist’s Lab Slots

There are 3 different types of bets you can place, as mentioned, and these are to Bet One, Bet Two, or Bet Max. Each level of bet will pay you out a different prize value depending on which combination resulted in a win. Obviously if you Bet Max, you’ll be paid out the highest prize. The biggest jackpot prize of Alchemist’s Lab happens when you Bet Max and then land 3 gold coins on the payline. When this happens, you’ll win a magical 10,000 coins! Now that’s the magical potion for success! If you Bet Two and landed the same combo, you would have won 6,000 coins, and if you Bet One, only 3,000 coins. The formula applies for all combinations, so it’s definitely worth your while to Bet Max.

These gold coin symbols are very special indeed, as even one or two gold coins on the payline will pay you out a reward. All the other symbols need 3 on the payline to pay you out. These other symbols include a red potion, a green potion, a blue potion, and a gold ring.

Bonuses At Alchemist’s Lab Slots

Something else, aside from the huge jackpot prize for the gold coins, that makes Alchemist’s Lab stand out from the other classic slots and that makes it one of the most popular Slots Heaven online casino games, is the fact that it has a bonus round. This bonus round is activated when you land 3 potion books on the payline. In the bonus round, you’ll be standing at a cauldron. You’ll need to select 3 different coloured liquids to add to the cauldron. Your aim is to create the most gold possible. Once the cauldron is done boiling, your concoction will be poured into a coin mould and valued. You’ll win a payout based on the value of your coin.

Come play Alchemist’s Lab at Slots Heaven UK and conjure up some fantastic payouts and bonuses.