Around the World

Around the World is a great choice when picking one of the arcade games at Slots Heaven to play. This game is a game of chance in which players need to make a guess, and if they do not get the answer right, they have the chance for two strikes before losing the game. Players who guess correctly will continue to advance in the game from level to level. The game shows a background of famous sites, such as the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty. Players will also see ships, an old-fashioned airplane, and a hot air balloon in the background of the game. Playing casino games such as the Around the World game is a fun and exiting experience that has a random outcome letting players enjoy a lucky guess, however, this game gives players the chance to try twice before they strike out.

Play Around the World Arcade Game Online

Playing Around the World

Players try to get to their next destination by guessing whether the next number that will randomly appear on the wheel of numbers, will be either higher or lower than the previous number. Players begin play by placing a wager on the Around the World game. After choosing a betting level, your Slots Heaven arcade games experience will begin. Once the player presses the Play button, the numbered wheel will begin to spin. The wheel has numbers between 1 and 49, along with a few other characters. The number that the wheel lands on is entered as the starting number and players need to then make the decision whether they wish to make a guess that the next number that will appear on the wheel will be either higher or lower than the current number. If the player makes the wrong choice, they will continue up a level, and get another chance to guess. If they should get this right, they will progress to the next level. The special characters in this game also help to eliminate the strikes that are against the player.

Prizes in Around the World Arcade Game

When playing casino games, players can choose when to stop, although some games have clear rounds that should be finished. When playing some arcade games, players can decide when to stop the game and take their winnings. The first spin pays out at 2.5. The second spin pays out at 3, and the third spin pays out 3.5. The maximum payout of 4:1 is paid out for those who make it to the fourth spin in this great choice of casino games found at Slots Heaven.