Bonus Bowling

For those who love to play some great arcade games, do not miss out on the Bonus Bowling game. Casino games with a bowling theme are great fun both for those who bowl in their offline lives, and for those who simply enjoy watching the game or playing it online. While there are some bowling games that may have the player ‘bowling’ the ball, this game is a little different. The player does not actually bowl the ball, but rather places wagers on the outcomes of the balls that are bowled. This great bowling game is powered on Playtech casino software, and can be played by players at this slot casino.

Play Bonus Bowling Arcade Game Online

Placing Wagers on Bonus Bowling

When playing the Bonus Bowling arcade games, players have a few betting choices. Players may choose to place a bet on one or more different outcomes. While many other arcade casino games will only give players one betting choice, players of the Bonus Bowling game will have five choices to choose from. Bets can be placed on the total frame of two throws, being equal to a point value of between 0 and 3 points, 4 to 6 points, or 7 to 9 points. It is also possible to place a wager on a Spare, where all the 10 pins are knocked down in two bowls, or on a Strike, where all the pins are knocked down in one go, on the first bowl of the round. Players can easily adjust their bets when necessary using the buttons, such as the Clear Bets and the Stop buttons, that are found in the right hand bottom corner of the game screen. When winnings are made, a pop-up window will display the winnings.

Bonus Bowling - It’s a Strike!

Basic game play in the Bonus Bowling casino games has players choose their wagers that they wish to place, and the players will then place those wagers using the easy and straight forward interface that is found on the Slots Heaven casino site. Players may be wondering where the ‘bonus’ is in the Bonus Bowling arcade games. When a Strike is bowled, there is a special payout of 10x the wager places, even if a strike was not the chosen wagering option. When a Strike is bowled, it is known as the Golden Frame, and the bonus payout is awarded to the player. This fun and exciting Bonus Bowling game can be enjoyed right now at Slots Heaven.