Derby Day

For those players who enjoy horse racing themed casino games, Derby Day is a great horse racing game found in the Arcade Games section of the Slots Heaven casino. Players get to enjoy a great game that is played with a virtual racetrack. There are a number of different types of races that can be run, and players of Derby Day can place their wagers on the various races. Players at Slots Heaven will choose which bets they wish to place and will then sit back and relax as the virtual horse race takes place and the winners are revealed.

Play Derby Day Arcade Game Online

About Derby Day Betting Choices

Players can place their bets on various outcomes in the Derby Day arcade games. These outcomes are a bet placed on the possible Winner of the race, the Exacta, the Place, and the Show. When placing a bet on the Winner, the player predicts which horse will come first, and if their chosen horse comes first, they will win the wager. It is possible to choose more than one winner, and place wagers accordingly. When betting the Exacta bet, the player will be attempting to predict which two horses will end in the first two places. When placing a Place bet, the player is predicting which horse will take either the first of the second place. It is also possible to place bets on a number of horses when placing this bet. The Show bet is a wager that chooses which horse will end in either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Again, the wager on this bet in these casino games can be placed on multiple horses. The final betting choice available if the Pick IV-V bet. This bet is placed on four or five horses at the same time, with the punter predicting which horse will finish in which place. It is easy for players to place their wagers on the Derby Day game at these slot machines, which is powered by Playtech casino software.

Placing Wagers and Beginning Derby Day Play

When choosing which horse to place wagers on, players can first read up some general information about each of the virtual horses before starting to play these arcade games. Players can open a table with the various rates from a tab at the top of the main window of the game. Players can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to begin game the race after the wagers on the game have been chosen. Players will enjoy this and other casino games at!