Genie’s HiLo Jackpot

The Genie’s HiLo arcade games are great fun, but as with other casino games, when a progressive jackpot is added in, the game simply gets better and better. These slots offers players both the Genie’s HiLo game and the Genie’s HiLo Jackpot arcade games. The game is essentially the same as the basic game that comes without the progressive jackpot, yet the potential rewards will continue to get bigger and bigger until the jackpot is hit.

Play Genie’s Hilo Jackpot Arcade Game Online

How Genie’s HiLo Jackpot Works

When playing the game, Genie’s HiLo Jackpot, players will keep making choices as to whether the card that has been picked will be either higher or lower than the previous card, just as they would in the regular non-progressive Genie’s HiLo game. If the player manages to guess correctly, they will move up a level in the game. Each time a card is picked, the player will make their guess, and then a new card will be picked after a correct guess has been made. It is possible to cash out earlier on in the game. Players who feel that they may not make it all the way to the end of the 11th level may decide to cash out early. Those who cash out early, however, will not stand the chance to win this casino game’s progressive jackpot. Those who keep going until the end and managed to correctly predict which cards will be higher or lower than the facing card, will stand the chance to enjoy the arcade game’s progressive jackpot win. Playing this great Genie’s HiLo Jackpot progressive game at Slots Heaven is definitely a great way to enjoy your leisure time!

Genie’s HiLo Jackpot Game

The Genie’s HiLo Jackpot game has a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot can be found on a number of types of casino games, and while it is found somewhat less often on arcade games, it can be found, as can be seen with this great game. When a game has a progressive jackpot, it means that there is a jackpot that will keep growing until it is hit by a player. If nobody hits the jackpot, it will simply continue to increase in size. A progressive jackpot grows in size each time a wager is placed on the game. A small percentage of all wagers placed are added to the progressive jackpot, making it grow each time a player takes a turn. The lucky player who reaches the goal of the game, which in this case with the Genie’s HiLo Jackpot game, is correct guesses right up to the 11th level, will win the jackpot that is waiting at Slots Heaven!