Genie’s HiLo

If you are looking for a top quality card game amongst the arcade games that are available at Slots Heaven casino, look no further than Genie’s HiLo. This bright and colorful game is one of those casino games that is fun to play and can be played simply and easily. The Genie’s HiLo card game is played with one deck of cards and is fairly simple in that players are simply guessing whether the next card will be a higher card or a lower card than the one that was picked initially. Not only can players place wagers on whether the card will be a higher card or a lower card, they can also place a wager on whether they predict the next card to be a red card, or a black card. It is possible to place either of these bets or both of these bets when playing these Genie’s HiLo arcade games.

Play Genie's HiLo Arcade Game Online

Playing Genie’s HiLo Arcade Games

Before beginning to play Genie’s HiLo game, players will first need to place their bets. After choosing a wagering amount, the player then needs to click on the Confirm button. Once the Confirm button has been clicked, the player then needs to pick a card. This card will be visible to the player. The player then needs to pick a second card. On the lower edge of the casino game’s screen, a betting box will open up and the player then needs to make the decision as to whether they think the second card that will be picked will be either lower or higher than the original card, or whether the card will be black or red. If the player has guessed correctly, they will move onto the next level or they can choose to keep their winnings and stop playing. Players who make 10 correct guesses in a row, without making any mistakes, will win the maximum amount available on this slots website.

More About Genie’s HiLo

There are some other things that players need to know about the Genie’s HiLo arcade games. It is important to know that the Ace is considered to be a low card, having a value of one, and not a high card. Each time a card is picked, another card will take its place, and the card is not removed from the deck. This means that the odds of making the correct guess will not change as the game progresses. Play Genie’s HiLo casino games at Slots Heaven for some great gaming fun!