Heads or Tails

For those who are looking for a simple, fun, and easy game from the choice of arcade games at Slots Heaven, look no further because the Heads or Tails game is the one for you! For many of us, when we are trying to make a decision, we may well decide to flip a coin, choosing either heads or tails. Depending on whether the head or the tail side is showing after the coin is flipped, we will either go with, or not go with, the decision we had flipped the coin about. In fact, when deciding to play this game, out of the choice of many casino games, you may wish to decide which of two games by flipping a coin and letting the heads or tails decide for you!

Play Heads or Tails Arcade Game Online

About Heads or Tails

The background setting of the Heads or Tails game shows what looks like a men’s sports club, with some men sitting around the table, drinking beer, and some golf clubs seen on the far side. Now that the scene is set, players can get on with playing the Heads or Tails casino games with a click or two of the mouse buttons. In most cases when calling heads or tails offline, there will be one coin and one call. However, since players are playing online arcade games, it is possible to choose to play with two coins at the same time in the Playtech powered Slots Heaven casino game..

Playing Heads or Tails at Slots Heaven

To play the game of Heads or Tails, players first need to choose a wagering amount. Once the betting amount has been decided on, the next step is to choose how many coins to play the game with. Players can choose either one or two coins per round. The player then needs to select whether they choose the ‘heads’ or the ‘tails’ options. If the player chooses two coins to play with, it is possible that there will be one head and one tail, or both heads and both tails. To add some excitement, players can also select multiple coin flips. If they choose just one flip, the game will simply be played out one time as other arcade games would be. If players choose two coin flips, they will need to have two predictions correct, and for three coins flips, their prediction should be correct in all of the turns. When choosing casino games to play, choose Heads or Tails, even if this one is simple, it is certainly a lot of fun at Slots Heaven casino!