Jackpot Darts

You may be used to playing Darts in your local bar or pub, but now you can choose to play this in your favorite casino. These slots offers its players casino games in all categories. The extensive list of arcade games includes the popular Jackpot Darts game. Players will see a Dart Board in the middle of the screen, and a chalkboard to the left. The game is somewhat different to an offline Darts game in that players do not actually throw the darts, but rather they get to place wagers on where they think the darts will land.

Play Jackpot Darts Progressive Arcade Game Online

Different Bets in Jackpot Darts

There are a number of different bets available in the Jackpot Darts arcade games. The possible bets include players placing wagers on various outcomes such as a specific number, whether the dart will land on singles, doubles, or trebles. It is also possible to predict that the dart will land on bulls eyes, outer bulls, or any other specific range available in the game.

More About Jackpot Darts

The chalk board that is seen on the left hand side of the Jackpot Darts arcade games screen is divided into four sections. In the first section, the player can keep track of how many throws have been thrown so far in their game, and in the second section, the player will be able to see how much the total score for the game is. The total score is worked out based on three dart throws. The other section of the chalk board will show the amount that has been won by the player. When choosing casino games, players will often look for those games that have a progressive jackpot. This game is one with a progressive jackpot that can be found at Slots Heaven. Progressive jackpots will continue to rise until they are hit. Each time a player places a wager on progressive jackpot casino games, the total progressive pot is increased in size by a small percentage of the wagers that have been placed. In this way, the jackpot will continue to grow until a lucky player hits it. Players can win other amounts when playing Jackpot Darts, but will win big if they hit the progressive jackpot. To win this progressive jackpot at the Slots Heaven casino, three bulls eyes need to be thrown in a single game.