Penalty Shootout

Slots Heaven offers its players a great choice of casino games, and for those who like arcade games, and also like soccer, the Penalty Shootout game is definitely a great choice. Soccer, or football, is a popular sport and fans are found around the world, making football themed casino games a great choice for a large number of players at online and mobile casinos. Each time a goal goes in, players will hear sound effects of the crowds cheering and neon lights flashing. The sound effects in this game are not limited to a few cheers when players get the ball in, they also include sounds of running and kicking as the players aim to kick the ball into the virtual net.

Play Penalty Shootout Arcade Game Online

Penalty Shootout Wagering and Odds

When playing the Penalty Shootout arcade games, players are given five wagering options. These wagering options are based on where the ball will land. There are five possible areas that the ball can land in, if the goalie does not save the ball, and each of these areas comes with its own multiplier. Before the kick, the ball can be placed in a number of positions. If the ball is played at a difficult angle, the winnings associated with that kick will be paid out at a higher rate than if the player placed the ball at a place that would make the penalty kick easier, the payout will also be a bit lower than if a difficult kick is taken. To begin play on this Slots Heaven game, players will need to choose a wagering level and will need to make decisions regarding the kick that they wish to take and place their wagers before kicking the penalty.

Kicking the Penalty Shootout

After selecting the wagering amount for the Penalty Shootout casino games, players need to choose an angle for the kick from one of five possible angles available. When players are aiming to a far corner, their wagering amount will have a 3x multiplier if they get the ball in, and if they aim at the dead centre of the net, the payout will come with a 5x multiplier of the original wager. If a player chooses to try for a soft left or a soft right kick, and manage to get the ball in, they are rewarded with a 12x multiplier. Players then ‘kick’ the ball and check to see if the goalkeeper managed to save the shot or not. Play Penalty Shootout and other arcade games at the Slots Heaven casino for some great gaming fun!