Pop Bingo

Pop Bingo is one of the more popular arcade games found at Slots Heaven. The Playtech powered bingo arcade game merges both the fun of going to the movies, and bingo casino games into one top quality game. Players will see a full popcorn container, just like at the movies, except the contents of the popcorn container is not salty and buttery but rather it is filled with popping bingo balls. The bingo balls can go popping around the screen, simply adding to the fun. There is also a pan at the bottom of the screen where bingo balls can pop out of too.

Play Pop Bingo Arcade Game Online

Wagering on Pop Bingo

Those who have played a 90 ball bingo game on an online bingo site will be familiar with the arcade games offered in these online slots Pop Bingo game. 90 ball bingo is a bingo game that is found in the UK, and it is popular amongst online bingo players. Players can begin the game by placing a wager on the game, and can choose both a low wagering option or a higher one depending on the player’s individual casino games choices. The wagering choices are made by clicking on the + or - buttons that are seen at the bottom of the screen.

Playing Pop Bingo

Once a wagering level has been chosen for the Pop Bingo arcade games, players can then select their bingo card. If the player does not like the random bingo card that has popped up on the screen, they can switch the card if they wish to do so. Players can check out numerous bingo tickets before picking one if they wish. Each bingo ticket has 15 random numbers on it that fall within the range of numbers 1 to 90. After the bingo ticket has been chosen, play can begin, and the player simply needs to click on the Play button. The numbers will start to pop up and when the player has a matching number on their bingo ticket and on the bingo ball, the number will change to red on the bingo board and will be circled on the player’s bingo ticket. Players need to win within 40 pops to win the larger amounts, and the longer it takes to bingo, the smaller the amount of payout will be until the amount reaches zero if the player only bingos on the 90th ball. This and other top quality casino games are waiting for players at Slots Heaven casino.