Roller Coaster Dice

While the Roller Coaster Dice game at these online slots! gets its names from the many ups and downs that are likely to occur during game play, this is one roller coaster that will not make the players feel like they left their stomachs behind them as an actual roller coaster would. Casino games that are fast moving and fun are always popular with players, and the Roller Coaster Dice arcade games are no different. The ups and downs that are found in this roller coaster are created by the dice throws. This prediction game one that is simple to play and yet loads of fun.

Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Game Online

Playing the Roller Coaster Dice Game

The game play of Roller Coaster Dice is played with just two dice. Players simply need to predict whether the next roll of the dice will be either higher or lower than the previous one. Arcade games sometimes come with an all or nothing win, however, when players are going up in the levels of the Roller Coaster Dice game, it is possible to cash out at three different points, which means that players do not have to reach all the way to the 11th level to get a payout. The first time that a player can choose to cash out in the Roller Coaster Dice game is after they have made four correct predictions. Should the player choose to continue playing, the next cash out point is another two predictions later after six correct predictions. The third cash out point for those who do not wish to push their luck until the last round is, again, another two rounds later, after the players has made eight correct predictions. The game ends either when the player chooses one of the early payout points or makes to the final round without making a mistake, or when the player makes an incorrect prediction in these dice casino games along the way.

Betting in Roller Coaster Dice

Before beginning game play in the Roller Coaster Dice game at Slots Heaven casino, players will have to choose a betting level. The bets available come in a range that will suit both high and low rollers who like to play casino games. After choosing a wagering level, game play can begin. It is possible to change the wagering level after each round of these arcade games at the Slots Heaven casino.