Wheel of Light

Wheel of Light is a popular choice from the casino games list at Slots Heaven. Arcade games are fun and relaxing and players can choose to play them for their entire gaming session, or can choose to simply play for a few minutes in between playing other casino games. The Wheel of Light game offers a number of betting choices, and it is a fixed odds game. The wheel used in the Wheel of Light game has 31 spaces, beginning at zero and going up until 31. While the game is not a roulette game, it is a roulette style game. Some games come with a separate pay table on the side of the screen, but the Wheel of Light game is slightly different in that this information can be found when the player hovers their mouse pointer over the area and a pop-up will show the information regarding payouts in that area.

Spela Wheel of Light Arkadspel Online

Wheel of Light Betting Choices

There are a large number of betting choices that are available when playing the Wheel of Light arcade games. Players can choose an exact number bet on any of the 31 numbers that are seen around the wheel. There are four colored ranges, and players can place wagers on the colors. It should be noted that some of the colors cover a larger amount of numbers and payouts will be adjusted accordingly. It is also possible to place a wager on a spread number bet. This bet is divided into number ranges. The number ranges are 1 to 5, 6 to 13, 14 to 16, 17 to 23, and 24 to 30. Players can also choose to wager a Hi/Lo bet with the low numbers being between 1 and 15 and the high numbers between 16 and 30. There is also and odds or evens bet available, in which the players is placing a bet on whether the winning number will be either an odd number or an even number, which is a similar wager to that found in other casino games.

Wheel of Light - The Zero Bet

When playing the Wheel of Light arcade games, while there are many bets that can be placed, the zero can only have one bet. The zero does not fit into any of the other betting groups, and can only be wagered on as a single number bet. Play the exciting Wheel of Light game now at these online slots!