Ever wonder how they play online blackjack across the pond in England? How do they play this classic card game? The game of blackjack evolved differently in the Queen’s realm, all the way down to its name – Pontoon. And luckily for you, you can find it at Slots Heaven right now!

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British Pontoon versus American Blackjack

Of course the British needed their own version of this classic card game and they have gone and done it with Pontoon. The only similarity between both versions is the need to get as close to 21 as possible without busting. But that is it as the game play is completely different.

It starts off with the player holding the highest initial hand. They are called the “pontoon” and get to be the banker. Another major difference is that if you want more cards after your initial two, you actually have to buy them, meaning add more money to the pot. And with Pontoon, you can split pairs twice, rather than just once as the classic version rules’ state.

And there is one difference that makes Pontoon a bit of a riskier game than the traditional version. Whereas the American version allows you to at least see one of the dealer’s cards, in the British version, both of the dealer’s cards remain face down until it is their turn to play. If you like living on the edge, this is a great game because you never know what the dealer will turn. You have no idea if your hand is strong or weak. This is why in this game, getting as close as possible to 21 is extremely important! But with risk comes reward, and the payout for this version is much higher than the American version!

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