Play Duel Blackjack 21 Online at Slots Heaven

When you sign up and play Duel Blackjack 21at these slots online you benefit from 24 hour game accessibility, an action-packed version of the casino classic, big payouts to play for and the chance to claim your 100% Welcome Bonus up to $100 plus 200 free spins. Played with six decks, Duel Blackjack 21 enjoys similar rules to Blackjack Surrender; you bet your ante, decide whether you want to opt in to the ‘2 Up’ side bet, and try to beat the dealer to win a payout. So sign up and play today to experience one of the best online blackjack games around – and don’t forget to claim your Triple Your Money Welcome Bonus if you want some extra bankroll to use on your favourite casino games including 21 Duel Blackjack!

How to Play

When you’re taken to the gaming table, place your ante bet by clicking on the chip denomination you wish to use and then click on the relevant area on the table for your bet. You can decrease your bet amount by right clicking on the chips you’ve placed on the board if you make an error; to reset and start from the beginning, you can click the Undo button. Once your ante is in place, you will receive one face up card and one face down. The dealer will also receive two face down cards. Two community cards will be added to the table, positioned face up, and these are for all players and the dealer to use to try and improve their hand. Your options are now to Fold (losing your ante bet in the process), or to play. To continue, you need to pay an additional wager, then click on Hit to show your face down card. If, when your hand is revealed, its total exceeds a value of 21, you lose instantly. Otherwise, it’s the dealer’s turn to play – and the best hand wins.

Special Features

Although the rules of our Duel Blackjack 21 online casino games are simple to learn, there are a few extra features that are worthy of note. Firstly, the dealer’s hand must have a point total of 13 for the dealer to qualify to play; if this is not the case, your ante bet is considered to be an instantly winning hand and any additional bets you made are returned to you. If the dealer qualifies, your hand and his hand go head to head, with the strongest hand winning. There is also a 2 Up side bet, and this is an extra bet that acts completely independent of your ante; the 2 Up bet is a wager that your face up card and the community cards will make a pair (for a 3:1 payout) or three of a kind (for a 20:1 payout).