Play Blackjack Super 21 Online at Slots Heaven

If you like fast-action online blackjack games with an atmospheric backdrop and a host of payouts, then Blackjack Super 21, a thrilling version of this casino classic, could be exactly what you’re looking for. Fast, fun and exciting, this heads-up card game against the dealer is based on the traditional game rules, with a few additional features that help to provide you with one of the best online casino experiences around in the comfort of your own home. And when you open an account and play our real money online casino games today, you can claim your exclusive Double Your Money $100 plus 200 free spins Welcome Bonus for all new players – that’s up to $100 in extra bankroll plus 200 free spins up for grabs before you even hit the felt!

How to Play

Every left click increases your bet by one chip at a time while every right click on the table removes one chip. You cannot Double after Splitting, and only one card can be drawn for split Aces, The New Game button will start a new round of Blackjack Super 21, and you can also click Rebet to repeat your previous bet and save time. When you play Blackjack Super 21, your aim is to beat the dealer with a hand of 21 points, or as close to 21 as you can get without going bust. However, special features for this game include an automatic win for a hand with six cards or more (a Six Card Charlie) that hasn’t gone bust. You also win automatically if you have a hand of five or more cards that total 21. A player’s Blackjack always beats the dealer’s blackjack, you can split hands up to four times (including Aces) and you can Double after a Split – all these amazing features are available on Blackjack Super 21 every time you log in and play.

Your Winnings & Bonuses

You will notice that the payouts in Blackjack Super 21 are different when compared to other online Blackjack games. If you get Blackjack, this is paid out at even money, unless you have a ‘diamond Blackjack’ – in this instance you are paid out at 2:1. In addition, a hand consisting of an Ace and a ten or face card after you have Split is considered a 21 and not Blackjack. A five-card hand and six-card hand pay out at 2:1 but only if you didn’t Double. And remember, if you play for real money at this online slots casino website today, you are also eligible for an exclusive $100 Double Your Money Welcome Bonus plus 200 free spins – simply sign up for your bonus when you make your initial deposit!