Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Slots

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra is the kind of Temple of Doom action that our members love to play around with. These online slots are loaded up with all the most exciting elements you could ask for, and even a few more, so step into our gambling arena now, and see what it’s all about!

Play Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Slots Online

All About Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Slots

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra has everything you could hope for including exclusive symbols with unique functions, large payouts to help keep your bankroll full, and the swarthy tomb raider who is out to find the secret of this ancient treasure! The reel images are not anything that you are used to seeing around the town since they include various Egyptian gods with the heads of animals and the bodies of men. You can brush up on your history notes later, though, because there is more fun to be had! Also find a lion or scarab symbols for more winning combos.

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Slots Extra Symbols

As with most of our Slots Heaven online casino games, Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra features the big three, which includes a wild, a bonus and a scatter symbol as well. The ruggedly handsome adventure seeker is the wild card. He will not only fill in the blanks, but, when featuring on reels two, three and four, he’ll become an expanding wild for even more exposure and wins! The sacred symbol that is being sought after throughout this gambling pleasure is the scatter symbol, and you’ll be glad to see this image staring back at you because it delivers five, twenty-five or one hundred and twenty-five times your wagers!

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Slots Bonus Feature

Finally, the bonus symbol is the pyramid. Designers of the Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra edition get a big round of applause for making the bonus feature so exciting. It is the most interactive feature we have ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot! For one thing, the bonus is played across multiple levels, so the fun and thrills are stretched out for a longer period of time. For another thing, they are not the typical choose an item and get the prize. Instead, this bonus feature requires you to play around with various forms of puzzles in order to advance to the next level (at the end of each stage, you do collect a reward, don’t worry!) If you fail to complete the task, then the computer will save your progress, so you don’t have to start all over again from the first level. You’ll have to play this round for yourself to get the full extent of enjoyment from it, so log onto Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven now, and have a blast!