Desert Treasure 2 Slots

If you had fun in your last trek through the burning hot sands of the Sahara, then you’ll enjoy Desert Treasure 2 even more! This version has been updated, revamped and revved up for your gambling pleasure, so step inside our stupendous betting arena now, and see what it’s all about!

Play Desert Treasure 2 Slots Online

Desert Treasure 2 Slots Highlights

At first glance, you will already be able to see the changes that have been made to these online slots. The screen is still displayed across a sandy set with a camel-riding adventurer in the distance and a somewhat misplaced green logo. The music is inherently Middle Eastern, making for a fun and catchy background noise. While many of the aspects appear similar to the original version, it is obvious that the designers kicked things up a notch for the sequel. For example, all the reel images are the same. You’ll find the camel, the oasis and even the crookedly smiling merchant. The difference, though, is in the style and animation of these icons. There is a cleaner, fresher approach to the Desert Treasure 2 collection. The royal suite is also different. For one thing, the nine has been added, and, for another, the insistent insects are of a more varied assortment.

Desert Treasure 2 Slots Bonus Features

Did you ask about the exclusive symbols? Those are featured in Desert Treasure 2 as well, and it wouldn’t be a Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven hit if they weren’t! The map is still the bonus symbol, leading you straight to hidden riches and exciting events like cash prizes! The wild-eyed beauty appears as the scatter symbol once more, but her bounty has had an upgrade. Instead of the ten free spins as in the first version, here you will find fifteen freebies with a double multiplier for the total earnings! That jeweled serpent is still trying to sneak in for the win, and this wild card is going to land you some big wins for sure.

As with so many of our stupendous Slots Heaven online casino games, Desert Treasure 2 has twenty paylines available. You don’t have to take advantage of all of them, of course, but, with the payouts climbing with every addition, there is no reason not to! Just remember when you are putting down your wagers that the bet goes individually for each line that is open. So if you have all twenty lines open, the total bet will be greater than if you have only ten lines open. As we mentioned, though, the payouts are so substantial, that it is worth the upgrade! Why not give it a spin today?