Diamond Valley Pro Slots

We’re pretty sure you can’t get enough of those pristine gems that are pulled from the earth and polished till they shine, and that’s why we’ve got Diamond Valley Pro! Everyone knows that they’re a girl’s best friends, and now they can be your number one pal as well when you play these online slots for the big payout. Like the idea? Then get over here, and give things a whirl!

Play Diamond Valley Pro Slots Online

Diamond Valley Pro Slots Reel Icons

Enjoy the light-hearted nature of these cartoonish characters and the humour that accompanies them across the reels. A giant sombrero-topped bottle of “spirits” is the wild card, appropriately so if you ask us! Be sure to lay off the heavy stuff, though, while you’re playing, as it will impair your judgment, something you don’t want to do when gambling. Don’t worry, save that inebriant for the celebrations after the Slots Heaven online casino games session! In the meantime, enjoy this icon as your ticket to bigger wins and better combos. A vulture skulks across the reels as your scatter symbol. While not the most popular bird you’ll ever meet, this vulture certainly holds a lot of appeal. After all, how many feathered friends are you going to give you cash payouts? Not too many, you can be sure! Finally, the bonus round is represented by a stack of blue tinted beauties, the kind that you can only find when playing Diamond Valley Pro. Line them up on reels one and five to see what kind of action happens next.

Diamond Valley Pro Slots Bonus Round

So the bonus round starts out giving you four times your line bet, but then things get even more interesting! If you are fans of this amusing trio, then you’re going to enjoy this bonus feature a lot. That’s because the bonus round in Diamond Valley Pro lets you choose from the three of them to decide who will be your featured character. The way it works is first you select a character, all will deliver free spins at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven, so don’t worry about choosing wrong. This will reveal how many freebies you are entitled to. You could win up to twenty, so choose carefully! Next, you’ll be deciding whether to go left or right, handed that is. In each hand, your specified character holds a number. That number is how many times your final gains will be multiplied in order to give you the grand total of your winnings for the bonus feature! That could be as much as ten times, so hold on to your hats!