Diamond Valley Slots

What do an aged Indian chieftain, a beautiful fire starter and a headstrong cowboy have in common? Well, in the case of Diamond Valley, they are the stars of this exciting online slots machine, and they’re here to make you a little richer than you were before! If you are interested in having fun and turning a profit at the same time, then dive right into this amazing gambling delight!

Play Diamond Valley Slots Online

Diamond Valley Slots Icons

Diamond Valley is an entertaining option that lets you get into the rush for riches back in the old west setting. The reel symbols, the background and the sound effects all come together to paint a fun and amusing picture. As we mentioned, the three main characters are featured often. These are a blond haired cowboy, a wild oats brunette, and a white haired elder. Together, they’ll keep your time at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven interesting!

Diamond Valley Slots Specialty Symbols

Now let’s take a look at some of those more novel icons that you have no doubt noticed across the reels. There is a fun-loving tequila bottle. That is the wild card, and there is really a party in every bottle! The tequila wild will help you get more wins during the standard rounds, so you can buy a round of drinks for everyone. The stalking buzzard symbol is the scatter icon for Diamond Valley, and you’ll enjoy great freebies when three of these appear! Don’t skip out on the bonus feature, represented by a pile of sparkling gems because there is a hefty prize waiting behind this symbol just for you!

Diamond Valley Slots Progressive Jackpot

The most exciting aspect of all is the progressive jackpot, though. This feature gives you a golden opportunity to win some tremendous gains like never before! The way a progressive jackpot works is simple, but the results are anything but that. First, you start out by playing a round. Be sure that your settings are turned up to the highest wager levels possible because only these qualify for the big wins. Now, when you play, a part of your wager factors into the jackpot. Funny thing is that all of the players participating in these Slots Heaven online casino games do the same thing, meaning a portion of their bets goes into the same kitty. Pretty soon, you have a hefty amount waiting for someone to come in and claim it! In this case, you’ll need five of the sparkling jewel icons on the fifth reel to win, so start those reels spinning, and see where they land!