Dragon Kingdom Slots

If you are a fan of the fantasy genre, and in particular the artistic graphic novels that have come out to serve this particular audience, then you will really enjoy the Dragon Kingdom. This splendidly made online slots machine has all the elements that will ensure you feel right at home during your quest for treasure and the mystical, horrible creatures of the sky. Come along for an adventure of a lifetime!

Play Dragon Kingdom Slots Online

Dragon Kingdom Slots Features

Dragon Kingdom is as much a feast for the eyes and the other senses as it is an exciting gamble to take. This is an artistic masterpiece in every aspect of the word, from the gold emblazoned royal suite to the carved out etchings that flank the logo above the reels. And all of that intricacy and detailing is nothing compared to the magnificent beauty of the specialty symbols. Take a look at some of the beautiful elements that you can enjoy during each round:

Dragon Kingdom Slots Highlights

  • Standard reel images include potions in glass bottles, magic spell books, and powerful amulets. Also included in this category are the majestic slayers that come in a male and female version and both are expertly done in character and design.
  • There is a wild symbol, the fire-breather himself, and it will replace other symbols for winning sets. What’s more, though, if you can manage six of these items in one round (we’ll explain how that’s possible a little later), then you’ll receive twenty-five thousand points!
  • Get scatter capabilities with the fantastical floating isle symbol. This will reward you with fifteen free Slots Heaven online casino games and dynamic multipliers to boot! With such a stunning icon, it’s hard to know what will make you more excited!
  • We’ve also got an interesting element called the Split icon. This image is a glowing red egg, and you want it to appear on reel five, trust us. When it does, the split feature will happen. This thrilling event splits the icons in two, giving you the possibility of creating six of a kind combinations, an incredible opportunity for massive payouts! The feature is absolutely riveting when it occurs because the main character cracks out of the shell and comes flying through the reels. He’ll spray a stream of fire to split the icons in half and a dramatic string of music will play!

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