Forest of Wonders Slots

Fairytales are something magical for children of all ages, and now you can enjoy the stories even as an adult with the Forest of Wonders version at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven. It is a fanciful option with lots of colourful characters that you might recognise from your youth. Stumble down the rabbit hole, and enter a world of fantasy and delight!

Play Forest of Wonders Slots Online

Forest of Wonders Slots Reel Images

Forest of Wonders is a twenty-five payline version with plenty of personality to go around. If you know the story of Alice, then these faces will be memorable to you. You’ll find the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. As is fitting with the storyline, the royal suite is actually set on cards from a playing deck, so, quite uncharacteristically, you can actually find a real Queen, King, Ace, Jack or ten! The White Rabbit is a scatter card for this option, and he’ll give you free spins if you aren’t late. Wild mushrooms growing rampant are the bonus symbols, and you can enjoy a real trip with this bonus round. The bonus round is a field of mushrooms growing haphazardly. You can choose three of these to collect prizes. Each one has a different value, so you never know what you are going to get. If you don’t like your bonus total at the end of the three selections, you can trade in your total for another three choices. This option is available four times, so you are pretty set to win something big with these online slots!

Forest of Wonders Slots Specialty Features

The Forest of Wonders is also chocked full of extra features. There is a Dollar Ball lotto that you can play whenever you want. Just turn it on by pressing the button at the top of the screen (Note: You must be playing in real money mode in order for this functionality to work.) Then select any five numbers from one to forty nine, and give the reels a spin. What you’ll see happen next is various digits will appear on the screen. If any of these numbers match the ones you’ve preselected, then you win the Dollar Ball bonus!

Another exciting aspect is the progressive jackpot. We’re sure you’ve heard of this concept before, but have you enjoyed the results yet? The ever-growing jackpot is something that you can hope for when you play many of our Slots Heaven online casino games with pretty good success. After all, somebody has to win it! Maybe today it will be you!