Fruitmania Slots

Want to grab a light snack for the rest of your gambling session? Then maybe you should take a look at Fruitmania, the freshest edition to our mix. These online slots will keep your head in the reels and ready for more action at every turn. So get ready for some juicy wins and some tangy gambles from the best online casino around!

Play Fruitmania Slots Online

Fruitmania Slots Icons

Fruitmania is a five-reel option at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven, and it is loaded with plenty of entertaining options. Take a look at the reel images you might find during a typical round. Oranges, grapes, melons, lemons, plums and cherries are constantly floating around this board, and your job is to make three of them line up in a row (from left to right). When this happens, you get to claim your cash prize according to the pay chart that is provided to you. Be sure to scan this chart before you start spinning so you know just what you can expect to find from each of the symbols.

There are also delicious cocktails that will show up on the screen for more payouts. This is called the scatter symbol, and it has unique properties that make it more valuable than other symbols. Instead of being tied to a specific row or configuration, for example, the scatter symbol can show up anywhere on the screen and be counted within the winning combination. If you get three or more of these symbols, you can multiply your entire wager for that round by the corresponding number on the pay chart, giving you a nice sum to walk away with!

Since we’re dealing with all this delicious produce, the sun has to show up somewhere. Well, in this case, it is here as the bonus symbol. Find three shining suns, and you’ll enter the bonus round. In this stage, you’ll get to choose from various icons to claim cash prizes for you to take home. The various images will have different amounts hidden below, but you’ll always win something, so don’t worry about blowing it!

Fruitmania Slots Progressive Jackpot

Fruitmania is one of the many Slots Heaven online casino games that has a progressive jackpot tied to the reels. Progressive jackpots, for those who are new to the concept, are built up continuously by each member playing the specific version with each wager placed. When somebody wins that jackpot, the count starts over again with a base amount provided by the casino, so you always win a large sum no matter how often it is triggered. Let’s get busy making you some money!