Goblin's Cave Slots

Goblin’s Cave is a multi-spin online slots version with 3 reels and 3 lines. It’s in the theme of a greedy goblin, who will turn the lever to spin the reels for you in a fun animation.

Play Goblins Cave Slots Online

Symbols Of Goblin's Cave Slots

The symbols are of all different treasures that you would find in this Goblin’s Cave. There are rubies, 3 types of gold crowns, 3 types of golden jugs, 3 types of gold rings, gold coins and golden lanterns.

The ruby is the wild symbol of this version and will help you create winning combinations. The aim generally is to land 3 of a kind on a payline. You can also win a payout if you land a combination of the type of treasure, for example, a combination of the 3 different types of gold rings.

The wild symbol, the ruby, will give you a small payout for even 1 or 2 of the symbol on a payline.

Goblin’s Cave also has a fun bonus round, which you’ll activate when you land 3 lanterns on a payline. In the bonus round, you’ll be asked to choose one of three treasure chests. You’ll win a prize based on your choice. If you happen to land 2 or 3 sets of lanterns on the second and third payline too, you’ll win 2 or 3 bonus rounds respectively.

As mentioned, Goblin’s Cave is one of the multi-spin Slots Heaven online casino games. Now here’s the full scoop on the multi-spin feature. This adds an even more exciting element to your slots experience. In multi-spin versions, the first time you spin only the first row will land symbols. You’ll get to hold any of the symbols from this first row, and when you do, the symbol will repeat itself up that entire reel or reels that you held. The next time you spin, all the rows will be landing symbols, and will combine with the held symbols to hopefully create winning combos.

How To Play Goblin's Cave Slots

To play this version, all you need to do is to set your coin value, Bet One or Bet Max, and then spin away! The best part is that you have a hand at creating your good fortune, it’s not all up to lady luck, with the hold feature of this multi-spin version.

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