Ice Hockey Slots

It’s time to hit the rink for some thrilling Ice Hockey at home! These online slots are loads of fun for the fans of the sport, so head straight into our arena now, and start having a blast!

Play Ice Hockey Slots Online

Ice Hockey Slots Highlights

Ice Hockey has plenty of fun symbols that will really bolster the theme. Things like sports equipment, pucks, sticks, skates, and nets make for a fitting compilation. The wild symbol is a goalkeeper’s net, and it’s standing wide open, so go for the gold! The puck is the bonus symbol that will trigger the Pass the Puck bonus round. You’ll get triple the total bet every time one of your team members shows up during these rounds, so you will be racking up loads of gains from this bonus stage. The Pass the Puck bonus level is an entertaining round that lets you pass the puck to different members of your team for big prizes!

Ice Hockey Slots Fun Features

Here are a few highlights you’re going to love about Ice Hockey:

  • First off, you get to choose your team and your opposing team. The list includes USA, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada and Germany. If you are a fan of the great land of opportunity, then sign up to be the American fleet. If you hate the cold weather, then battle against Russia! Mix and match your teams for so much fun. The team members will change uniforms and the colours will change accordingly.
  • Another nifty thing that separates this version from other Slots Heaven online casino games is the way combinations are made. Instead of looking for the same symbol three or more times on the reels, you need just three teammates to get a win. That means, find any of the three teammates from your team on the reels, and you’ll get to do your victory dance! Now that’s teamwork! During the main round, the home team pays left to right, while the competition pays out right to left.
  • What’s more, in case you were worried about the left to right issue that some people will have with other reels, Ice Hockey alleviates this problem. Payouts are made whether the sets are created left to right or right to left.
  • Want some freebies? Sure you do! Well, find the free flags from your team on the first and fifth reels during the standard round, and you’ll receive twelve of these super complimentary spins!

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