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Online Video Poker is a hybrid casino game, combining online slot games and Poker. Unlike slot games, there is an element of strategy that goes into each hand of Video Poker. It's not quite Poker either, but the goal is to get the best possible hand.

Slots Heaven India has the best collection of Video Poker games, from a single line to multi-line, it's all here at the best online casino for Indian players.

Our Top Video Poker Games in India

Game Name Description
4-Line Deuces Wild All 2 cards are wild in this 4-line game. You can also play a single line game if you prefer.
Mega Jacks The only Video Poker game with a progressive jackpot.
Aces and Faces With up to 25 lines, you'll have slightly higher payouts with wins that include Aces and Faces cards.
10s or Better A pair of 10s is the minimum hand for a win.
Jacks or Better This game has the best payback percentage of any Video Poker game.
Joker Poker The joker cards are not removed from the decks and serve as wilds.

Rules: How to Play Video Poker?

There are two types of Video Poker machines; single-line and multi-line games. In both types of games, you'll start by placing your ante bet, and then you're dealt 5 face-up cards. In multi-line games, your ante bet will be multiplied to reflect the number of active lines. For example, if you're playing a 10-line game, and place a 1R bet, the total wager will be 10R.

Regardless of which type of game you're playing, the goal is the same; create the best possible Poker hand because the better the hand is, the higher your payout will be.

You'll have one opportunity to dump any, or all, of the cards on the screen and receive new cards to replace them. Choose which cards you want to hold on to, and then click on the Deal button again and you'll be dealt new cards. In multi-line Video Poker, each card that you hold will also be held on every line.

This means that if you start with a three-of-a-kind, at worst, each hand will start with a winning hand. The new cards will give you a chance at improving it, possibly to a full house or even four-of-a kind.

Each Video Poker game has slightly different rules. For example, in Jacks or Better, you'll need at least a pair of jacks to earn a payout, and in Deuces Wild, all 2 cards are wild.

Odds and Payouts

Unlike online slot games, Video Poker has a degree of skill that can help improve your odds of winning. In general, the odds of winning are determined by the house edge of each specific game. For example, Deuces Wild, a game where all 2 cards are wild, have an incredibly low house edge of -0.75% while a game without wild cards, such as Jacks or Better, gives the house a 0.46% edge.

Take a few minutes before you start playing and go over the different winning combinations and payout for each game. This will help you make better decisions regarding which cards to dump and which you hold, thereby increasing your odds of winning.

Payouts vary from game to game, but in general, a royal flush has the highest payout, and a pair of cards is the lowest value winning hand.

Basic Strategies and Tips

Not all Video Poker wins are created equal, and with the right strategy, you can improve your odds of getting a higher value hand, instead of just settling for low-value hands, like a pair of 10's.

For starters, the more lines you play, the better your odds are of at least one of them hitting on a big win.

One important tip, and it's true whether you're playing a single line or 50-line video poker hand, is to look at the rules for the specific game. Some games place more value on certain hands, while others have a pair of royal face cards as the lowest value win. This means that trying for a couple of 7s won't help you.

If you're playing a single hand game, and you're dealt 5 cards that don't have great odds of creating a nice win but includes either a picture card or Ace, hold onto one of these cards, and try for at least a matching pair, to salvage something for that round.

If you're playing a multi-line game, you might want to hold onto two or more cards that are similar or even just the same suit, in the hope that one of the lines will be dealt with the missing cards to create a nice winning hand.

Sometimes you will have to make a tough decision, if you have a pair of kings, guaranteeing a low-value win, but you're also close to getting a higher value hand, such as a flush or straight. Should you release one of the kings in hopes of a big win? Again, the strategy will depend on if you're playing a single-line game or a multi-line game.

Here is a breakdown of the standard winning hands, if you have any questions, refer to the help section below.

Hand Type Cards Description
Royal Flush 10, J, Q, K, A  A straight, starting 10, and all 5 cards are the same suit. This is the best possible hand in Video Poker.
Straight Flush 5, 6, 7, 8, 9   This is similar to a royal flush, except it can be any straight, provided all 5 cards have the same suit.
Four of a Kind K, K, K, K 4 matching cards, same number different suits.
Full House 9, 9, 9, 3, 3 Three of a kind and a pair in the same hand. 
Flush A, 5, 10, 4, Q   All 5 cards have the same suit.
Straight 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Any 5 cards in sequential order.
Three-of-a-Kind 10, 10, 10 Three cards with the same number.
Two Pair 4, 4, 8, 8 Two sets of matching cards.
One Pair J, J A single matching pair of cards.
High Card A A single high card.

Video Poker Bonuses and Promotions

Register for an account today to claim your Welcome Package. The bonus money can be used for playing all your favourite video poker games.

Once you're a Slots Heaven India member, you will find plenty of opportunities to get different bonuses and promotions throughout the year that are geared specifically for Video Poker games. Our goal is to create the best bonuses and promotions for our Indians players. We're constantly refreshing and updating the offers, so make sure to check out the bonuses and Promotions Pages for the latest offers today.


Action – Putting money on a game of cards.

Credit – This is a term used in casinos and refers to how many chips you placed in the Video Poker machine. Some games may require 1 credit, while others may take 10 credits.

Discard – You'll have one chance to get rid of the cards that you don't think will help you win the hand.  

Draw – If you choose to discard some cards, new ones will be drawn, or dealt, from the deck.  

Hold – Choose up to 5 cards that you believe will lead you to win, and they will remain on the board after discarding the other cards.

Face card – The J, Q, and K are known as the face cards.

Ace-high – If you don't have a pair of matching cards, but you have an Ace, this can win a small payout in some Video Poker games.

House edge – This a calculation of the advantage the casino has over the player in a casino game.

Maximum bet – There is a limit as to how much money you can bet on a single hand or line in Video Poker.

Multi-hand –  A style of Video Poker that gives you multiple chances to win. The initial 5 cards that are dealt provide the base for all the hands. The cards you choose to hold will populate all additional hands, and after you discard the remaining cards and deal again, the other hands will receive cards. Each hand plays with a separate deck.

Paytable – This is where you'll see all the different payouts for the different possible winning combinations of cards.

Pat hand – If you're happy with your cards and don't discard any.

Payback - This is the expected percentage of money that will be returned based on a winning hand. For example, if a game has a 99.75% payback, over the long run, a player should win 99.75R out of 100.00 spent playing.

Mobile Experience

As a Slots Heaven India member, you can play Video Poker wherever you are. All the games are designed to work brilliantly on mobile devices, regardless of screen size. The games are touch-friendly and optimised to work whether you hold your phone either vertically or horizontally. The only difference would be the location of the bet and deal buttons. There is no additional software to download, as long as you have an active account and a stable internet connection, you can log in and start playing today.


With a combination of skill and luck, online Video Poker is an action-packed game that can create some nice wins. While the game is fairly simple, there are several ways to get help or answers to any questions that you might have.

  • In-Game Help Menu: There are many different Video Poker games, and each one is slightly different. Each game has a detailed help menu that you can open by clicking on the "Hamburger" menu button on the left side of the game board. This is where you can find complete paytable, odds, rules, and betting options.
  • Customer Support: If you have questions regarding your account, bonuses, or technical issues, our dedicated Customer Support team is ready to help you 24/7. They can be reached via telephone, Live Chat, and email.


Is online video poker legal? Yes, as long as you're playing at a regulated online casino, no legal issues are surrounding playing online video poker for real money.

  1. Can I use a Welcome Package to play Video Poker? There are several different types of Welcome Packages. Some of them are game-specific, while others can be used in any game. It's important to check out the Terms and Conditions of the specific bonus to see whether the bonus can be used for video poker.
  2. How do you beat Video Poker machines? Unlike traditional poker, with Video Poker, you aren't playing against other players or the dealer. To win a hand, you need to have the minimum hand on the paytable, usually a pair of cards. However, since this varies from game-to-game, it's always a good idea to look at the paytable before playing.
  3. Can I play for free? There is no free version of video poker at Slots Heaven India.
  4. Do I need special software to play? No, as long as you have an active Slots Heaven India account and a stable internet connection, you can play on your desktop or mobile device.
  5. Is Video Poker better than slots? Both games have their advantages. Video Poker is a game that combines skill and strategy with some luck, while online slot games onus features, various themes, and a more fun environment.
  6. Are Video Poker machines rigged? Slots Heaven India only works with reputable software developers, and all the Video Poker games are tested by a third party to ensure fair play.

Play Video Poker for Real Money:

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