Magic Slots

Magic Slots takes you behind the red curtain to get a behind-the-scenes look at how magic happens. Show the reels what tricks you have up your sleeve when you spin and win at this incredible online slots version.

Play Magic Slots Online

Magic Slots is in the theme of a magician’s show, set on stage where you’re the star of the show, performing some truly incredible feats on the reels.

This classic slots version has 3 reels and one payline, making it one of the more straightforward Slots Heaven online casino games. This is the beauty of it, because you’ll go back to simple spinning and winning without having to decipher a paytable.

How To Play Magic Slots

The aim of the version is to land 3 of a kind. The symbols are of a magician’s hat and glove set, dice, bars, and a gold ring. The exception to this 3 of a kind rule is the dice symbol, because even if you have only one or two of this symbol on the payline you’ll earn a payout.

To play, you’ll set your coin value and either Bet One, Bet Two or Bet Max. When you Bet Max, you are paying the highest wager, but you’ll also have access to the highest payouts and all the special features.

Magic Slots And The Progressive Jackpot

What makes Magic Slots extra-special is its progressive jackpot. If you land 3 magician’s hat and gloves combo on the payline, you’ll win the progressive jackpot! But bear in mind that you’ll only win it if you Bet Max when you placed your bet.

A progressive jackpot is a very special jackpot prize as it’s a pool of a portion of the bets from every player that places bets in this version. The pot keeps on growing until it is won, at which point it will reset and start growing again. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one, so make sure to Bet Max with every spin.

Another fabulous feature of the game is its bonus round, which you can access when you land 3 wands on the payline after having Bet Max. In the bonus round, you’ll get to choose a top hat from a selection of 4 to win a prize.

Magic Slots proves that even with one payline, a slots game can still have some fantastic tricks up its sleeve.

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