Neptune’ Kingdom Slots

The ancient Romans had many myths and legends including the great god of the sea and his magical trident. Perhaps you can experience some of that magic when you spin the reels, and watch as the trident and other symbols of the sea fill the screen, while you play Neptune’s Kingdom right here at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven. Listen to the sounds of bubbling water, let the lull and splash of the waves relax you and with a little luck, this deity will bestow good fortune upon you, as well.

Play Neptune's Kingdom Slots Online

The six symbols to watch in this classic online slots fun are the trident, a mermaid, the treasure chest, a lobster and two types of fish. But, you do not need to look out for any wild symbols, bonus features, or special jackpot winning prizes because Neptune’s Kingdom is a straightforward, classic, no frills kind of game. One of the symbols, the treasure chest, acts as a special symbol, which increases a players winning by a small amount.

There Is A Treasure Chest Full Of Surprises In Neptune’s Kingdom Slots

This extra treasure chest special symbol is truly a surprise, because each time the chest lands on a reel the prize may be different. When playing Neptune’s Kingdom, three treasure chests in a row on the right payline will bring riches and under the sea treasures.

In order to take part in the treasure hunt you will first need to open a no cost account. Just follow the user-friendly, step by step guide and the whole process will only take a minute or two. You can begin playing right away, placing bets and spinning the reels.

Bet Max In Neptune’s Kingdom Slots

Betting is a cinch. Choose “bet one” if you want to be a little more conservative or choose “bet max” to win the largest possible jackpot. In this adventure it really pays to play.

And, after you win big in the deep blue sea, you can always try your luck at another one of the fabulous Slots Heaven online casino games. If you find yourself interested in another sea adventure, why not try Bermuda Triangle. Who knows, you might lose yourself in all the fun. Perhaps a quirky jungle party is just what you need. You will go bananas over the silly ape in Funky Monkey!

So, go ahead and spin the reels and see for yourself what sort of adventure is waiting for you. There might just be a treasure there in store for you in the depths of the sea, in Neptune’s Kingdom.