Play Double Attack Blackjack Online at Slots Heaven

The name of this exciting game derives from the fact that you can double your wager after seeing the dealer’s face up card at the beginning of the game. An interesting slant on the traditional casino favourite, Double Attack Blackjack gives you more opportunities to be in control of your game, and better odds of winning. Played with a special ‘Spanish” deck – a 48 card deck that has all four of the 10 cards removed – it’s fast becoming a player favourite at these online slots. Open an account today and play for real money to see why more and more players are enjoying the fun that Double Attack Blackjack has to offer – and as a new player, you can also claim your $100 (plus 200 free spins) Welcome Bonus to use on our online casino games as a thank you for joining us at the tables.

Game Information

When you play Double Attack online Blackjack, you place your bet and then before you receive your cards, a single card is given to the dealer, and this is dealt face up. based on what you see, you get the option to double your bet, by placing a Double Attack Blackjack bet, up to the value of your initial wager. Once this is decided, the dealer receives a second card face down, and the game continues as standard. If you decide to split a hand when you have placed a Double Attack Blackjack bet, your split hand will cost the value of your wager plus your extra bet. The dealer can peek for Blackjack, and will offer an insurance option to you as a player before peeking. If you place a Double Attack bet against a face card or an ace, you will only lose the initial bet if the dealer has Blackjack. In this game, all wins, including Blackjack, pay out at even money, and an Insurance bet will pays out at 5:2.

Bust It Side bet

The Double Attack Blackjack Bust It side bet is an optional bet that you can place, but it has to be made up front along with your initial wager for the main game. You can only place a Bust It bet if you are playing the main game; it cannot be made as a standalone bet. To win a payout with this bet, the dealer’s hand must go bust with exactly three cards. Even if your hand has gone bust or you have blackjack, your Bust It bet stands– and so your bet can win even if you lose the main Double Attack Blackjack game. Payouts depends on what card the dealer goes bust on.