Play Premium Roulette Pro Online at Slots Heaven

An exciting online Roulette game played online, Premium Roulette Pro provides you with enhanced graphics and animations, state of the art sound effects, and lots of ways to win when you play for real money. You also get increased statistical information, enhancing your overall online experience with us at these free online slots. A popular choice with our discerning New Zealand players, Premium Roulette Pro uses the same standard rules as any other Roulette game, which means you can get to the action right away. And if you open a real money account with us today and play our online casino games, you’re eligible to claim a 100% Welcome Bonus that gives you up to $100 (plus 200 free spins) extra bankroll funds to use to play.

How to Play

When you play Premium Roulette Pro, you enjoy lots of special features such as the Double option that allows you to double the wager on your bets as you play, the Rebet feature that allows you repeat your previous bets at the same bet amount, and an Autoplay button that enables you to set your preferences for up to 99 spins in a row. You also benefit from enhanced in-game information and statistics, and additional Call bets that aren’t available in many other Roulette games. The best way to view your call bets is via an exciting Racetrack View that displays the numbers in sequence in a linear way – your Call bets are easier to understand and monitor in this view, and to help you even further, you can see what numbers are covered by each bet by moving your cursor over each in turn. Call bets you can make in Premium Roulette Pro include Voisins du Zero, the Tier bet, Orphelins, Neighbours, and the Final bet. Another special feature that you can enjoy is saving up to four different bets, giving each its own unique reference number as you save, for easy reference and betting in future games.

Call Bets

Voisins du Zero is a 9-chip bet across 17 numbers, comprising of split bets, triplet bets, and corner bets. They are on the wheel near the zero, and you place your bet by clicking on the Voisins du Zero in racetrack view. The Tier bet is a 6-chip, 12 number bet and Orphelins is a bet covering 8 numbers, made up of split bets. The Final bet is the most complicated, and requires you to select an ‘end’ number (between 0 to 9) – the bet will then spread over all numbers that end with that digit, with one chip on each number. Neighbours bet is a bet on a number of choice (picked on racetrack view), and the two numbers on either side of it and it pays out like a Straght bet.