Play Aces & Faces Video Poker Online at Slots Heaven

When you play our online Aces & Faces games at thesetop NZ Slots, you benefit from lots of exciting action and plenty of ways to win. With bets starting at just $0.01, your aim is to get the best possible five-card hand. But in an exciting twist, Aces & faces online Video Poker allows you to make winning combinations that would not usually be recognised in standard poker games. These hands are made up of the various Ace and face cards, and give you more opportunities to win. In addition, there is also an optional ‘double your winnings’ bonus game to enjoy. You can also double your bankroll before you even start playing, with our exclusive 100% Welcome Bonus for all new players – simply sign up and start playing our real money games to be eligible for up to $100 (plus 200 free spins) extra playing funds!

Your Online Video Poker Experience

Our Aces & Faces games offer you extra winning hands to play for - which mean extra payouts - as well as Double or Half Double features. These options appear when you hit a winning combination, and allow you to gamble your whole winnings or half of your winnings to double up your payout. If you play this special online casino games feature, you will be shown a total of five new cards, four will be face down and one will be face up. Select one of the face down cards and if your selection is of equal of higher value than the face up card you win your bigger payout – it’s as easy at that! The Double and Double Half features are designed to enhance your game, but are entirely optional; you can always hit Collect to claim your winnings instead. When you play Aces & faces, you can also use our software hints to help you make your best possible hand.

Winning Hands and Payouts

Aces & Faces payouts start at any pair containing face cards, or a pair of Aces. You are also paid for three of a kind, four of a kind, straights, flush, full house, straight flush and Royal Flush, with the Royal Flush paying out the biggest amount. You are paid out three different levels for your four of a kind bets on this game; four of a kind 2-10s pays a maximum of 125x coins, four of a kind face cards pay a maximum of 200x coins, and four of a kind Aces pays 400x coins on Max Bet. When you win, your payouts are awarded to your bankroll immediately if you hit Collect, and can be cashed out right away.