Rock'n'Roller Slots

Rock'n'Roller is your basic classic multi-line online slots machine in a swinging theme! Go back to the days when Elvis was the King and rock ‘n roll was the thing.

Play Rock'n'Roller Slots Online

How To Play Rock'n'Roller Slots

This 5 payline 3 reel version of slots gives new players as well as pros the chance to enjoy some straightforward slots without all the bells and whistles. Going back to basics is a fantastic way to enjoy this casino game at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven in the way it was meant to be – simple spinning of the reels, and hitting winning combinations on a payline. All you need to do when playing Rock'n'Roller is choose your coin value, Bet One or Bet Max and then Spin. When you Bet One you can either literally bet one coin, or you can click this button a couple of times to increase the number of coins you will bet, up to 5 coins.

If you Bet Max, you’ll be betting the maximum amount of coins on all the paylines. Although this is the highest bet you can pay it will also give you access to the biggest payouts, so it’s worthwhile to do this. When you Bet Max the reels will start spinning automatically, making playing even more straightforward!

More About Rock'n'Roller Slots

The symbols of Rock'n'Roller are all in the theme of this music genre. There are platinum records, gold records, guitars, drums and harmonicas on these reels, all to help you create a hit!

The aim is generally to land three of a kind on a payline, but you can also land any 3 instruments, any 3 records, or even any 3 blanks to win a payout too.

The special symbol is the platinum record, as it is the only symbol that has a different payout depending on which payline it landed.

Rock'n'Roller is one of the most popular classic Slots Heaven online casino games because of its fun theme and simple play. You can even enjoy the catchy tunes as the reels spin and the symbols land on your screen.

Another great feature of this version is the fact that the paytable sits right there at the top of your screen, so you don’t even need to switch between screens to see how you can win.

Come on all you cool cats, put on your blue suede shoes and start rocking to the beats of this fantastic slots version. Sign up to our online casino today, grab your welcome bonus, and come join the party!