American Roulette

People who play online roulette regularly know how much fun it can be. It is a thrilling sort of gamble that lets you go wild with your betting strategies and constantly changes things up in a fun and novel way. Even the diehard fans, though, will sometimes look for something more. Maybe you need a challenge to come and mix up your gambling spree. If that is where you are holding, then American roulette is the right option for you. This new and interesting version has an added twist that will keep you busy and on your toes. So let’s get busy with this thrilling edition to your punting lineup!

Play American Roulette Online

What’s the Big Deal About American Roulette?

So what’s all the hype about American roulette anyway? When you load up the screen, it appears to be the same thing as the French or European style. What’s the deal? In fact, there is only one or two small differences to this version, but before you get upset that you’ve been duped, let’s look at those differences, shall we?

The first and most important variation to this option from the other Slots Heaven casino games is the addition of the double zero into the mix. Do yourself a favour, and load up the American roulette wheel. This way, you can have an idea of what we are talking about when we point out the features to take notice of. If you haven’t joined the club yet, it really is time to do so. We offer great bonuses, incentives and features that will ensure your gambling delight, so come on in fast.

Playing American Roulette

Now that you’ve joined the group and loaded up the screen, take a quick look at the wheel. If you are used to seeing a standard wheel, then you will automatically notice a difference. What is this double zero slot that you are seeing on the screen? It is the most major difference you are going to hear about during this round. The double zero basically takes all the information, numbers and strategies that you’ve known about this exciting gamble until now and throws them out the window! That’s because this new slot changes all the statistics and odds that are usually in play when spinning the wheel. In short, it makes it a whole lot harder to get a big win. Of course, fittingly, it also makes those big wins even bigger!

The American roulette wheel is the challenge you’ve been looking for, so head over to these Online Slots today, and try it out!