Premium American Roulette

Premium American roulette gives you all the best aspects of a usual run of the mill online roulette round with one little variation; the newest and coolest features that make your next session look like a gambling frenzy on steroids! If you are ready to take your gambling fun to the next level, then check out Premium American roulette right now.

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Premium American Roulette Save Bet Feature

Premium American roulette really has some phenomenal features, and we’ll give you a quick look at one of the most impressive ones that you’ll find.

The star symbol represents an amazing feature that will certainly revolutionize the way you play at these online slots forever. It stands for the Save your Bet functionality, and that is an awesome option for you to enjoy. What is does, in a nutshell, is let you record your bets for later use. Why is this helpful? We’ll explain it like this. Let’s say you are the kind of punter who likes to make complicated wagers during your gambling session. You aren’t satisfied with a single number bet or with betting on Reds. That’s just not your style. Instead, you come up with a complex system of wagering. You put down two chips on the Reds, you cover one of the three columns with another four chips, and you select five specific single number bets to place as well. This is not only very specific (and mathematical in nature, no doubt!) but it is also time-consuming. The Save your Bets option allows you to record this specific wager, so that the next time you want to use that same one, all you need to do is click on one button instead of so many others! It’s a great way to save time, effort and memorization, so try it out if you are a strategic punter.

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That’s just one of the cool updates that we’ve made to our stellar lineup. Of course, if you really want to get a feel for Premium American roulette online, or any of the other crackerjack Slots Heaven online casino games that we have right here for you to enjoy, you should just jump in and start playing. The beauty of our free play mode is that you can test out all of these new tweaks without wasting any of your hard earned money. You can check out the latest updates, find out what’s new and learn how to use them to the best of your abilities free of charge!