Premium Roulette Pro Roulette

Looking for a way to up your playing level without losing out on all the excitement that a regular online roulette wheel has to offer? Then you should check out our Premium Roulette Pro version. This option gives you loads of extra features that make the whole experience something dynamic and thrilling while always delivering the fun-filled nature that comes along with your favourite spinning wheel. Come in, and take it for a test drive today!

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Features You’ll Love in Premium Roulette Pro Roulette

Here are some of the best Premium Roulette Pro aspects that you can enjoy at these online slots right now.

- Auto play is rated the best feature by so many of our players primarily because it lets you rack up the big points without even being present! Auto play gives you the ability to have the computer do all the work for you. You simply input the amount of money you want to wager for the rounds and select how many rounds you want to breeze through automatically. Then, sit back and watch how things happen without you doing a thing! It’s not only a fun element to watch, but, like we mentioned, you can get up and walk away for a drink or a phone call and come back to a bigger bankroll than you left behind. How’s that for letting the machines do your work for you!
- Stats are handy to have around because of the useful information that they deliver. You see, the stats feature records the results of each round and then give it to you for future references. The cool thing about this functionality is that it is as visual as it is intuitive. What we mean is that you are given a visual diagram of the spinning wheel. You can click on any of the numbers to place a single or multiple chip bet on that number. When the results come in for that round, they are recorded on the wheel and highlighted in green. Now you will see a significant difference to the stats wheel. Each time a round results comes in, the number is highlighted in this fashion. What this does is give you a clear picture of the previous spins and their results, enabling you to view it at a glance.

Play Premium Roulette Pro Roulette

Pretty cool, huh? That’s just a small sliver of the fun. Join us for more action and gambling delight with this and other top rate Slots Heaven casino games online tonight!