Safecracker Slots

Safecracker online slots is one of the most thrilling 3 reel single-line slots online games out there. What makes it stand it out is the fact that it has a progressive jackpot linked to it.

Play Safecracker Slots Online

The progressive jackpot is a special jackpot prize that just keeps on growing and growing. The reason it increases like this is because a portion of all players’ bets pool into the prize kitty, so as people all over play Safecracker, the prize grows. Once it is won, it will reset and then start growing all over again.

About Safecracker Slots

When you play this version you’ll be in for some nail-biting action, as the music and sound effects will make you feel the pressure of cracking that safe open before the cops arrive. For real. And when you do, you’ll be rolling in the dough because there are lots of ways to win in this version. Even though it may not have all the bells and whistles of the bigger multi-line video slots, it still gives you a big bang for your buck with the jackpot and a fantastic bonus round. And the theme itself will keep you intrigued for hours on end.

The symbols are all in the bank robbery theme and include everything you would need to help you crack the safe. There are power drills, crowbars, keyholes, keys, dynamite and cash.

The top payer is the cash of course and it is also the key to unlock the progressive jackpot prize. Three cash symbols will win you that coveted progressive jackpot, but only if you Bet Max when you spun the reels. So it’s generally a good idea to Bet Max, otherwise you may just miss out on this huge jackpot payout and other top payouts.

Safecracker Slots Bonus Round

Safecracker also has a bonus round that many classic single-line slots don’t have. This bonus round is unlocked when you land 3 key symbols on the payline. Again, you’ll need to have Bet Max to access the bonus round.

The bonus round takes you into the bank where you’ll get to choose a safety deposit box from a selection of 10. You’ll win a cash prize based on your choice. You can carry on choosing boxes until you pick one of the three boxes that triggers the burglar alarm. That’s your signal that it’s time to go and the bonus round will end.

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