3 Clowns Scratch Card

The 3 Clowns scratch card is a popular choice out of the scratch cards that are offered at the Slots Heaven online casino. While some online casino games can be quite complicated, this game comes to simply the gaming experience while keeping it loads of fun. The 3 Clowns scratch is a somewhat basic online casino scratch card game that gives players the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of the circus. Not only are there clown symbols in this scratch, players will also find a circus tent, an elephant balancing on a ball, circus tickets, and even a unicycle, along with juggling hoops and other great symbols that are bright and colorful and remind players of fun times at the circus.

Play 3 Clowns Scratch Online

How to Play the 3 Clowns Scratch Card

Playing online scratch cards is easy to do at Slots Heaven, the Playtech powered online casino. Players do, however, have a choice of how they would like to scratch the card to reveal the hidden symbols underneath. Those who prefer to scratch each square individually can do so. For those who prefer that all will be revealed at once, rather than one square at a time, can choose the option that will scratch all the virtual squares at the same time and all the symbols that have been hidden will be revealed in one go. Players will be keeping their eyes open for three clowns as in the name of this game. When 3 Clowns are revealed when playing the 3 Clowns scratch card game, it is a winning combination. The three clowns can be in any direction for a win, including a vertical line of clowns, a horizontal line of clowns, or even a diagonal line of clowns.

More About the 3 Clowns Scratch Card

The 3 Clowns scratch is an instant win game that players who enjoy playing scratch cards can choose to play from the extensive list of online casino games that are available at Slots Heaven. Players will find that playing instant games is not only fun in and of itself, but also a great way to fill in time between playing other popular games. The 3 Clowns scratch card has the nine scratch squares set in the middle of a big top style circus tent with the curtains pulled back and the nine squares located in the circus ring. To enter this circus of fun, players simply need to begin game play with a quick and easy mouse click!