A Night Out Scratch

If you are looking for some great scratch cards to add to your gaming repertoire, the game to add is A Night Out Scratch. This online casino sratch card game is one that takes players out on the town whether you choose to play this game in the morning, or the night. This virtual scratch card game is one of the popular casino games at Slots Heaven, and both new and veteran players will enjoy taking the time out for A Night Out Scratch. Players will see symbols of women who are out on the town along with various alcoholic drinks, some that are fruity drinks with strawberries, kiwis, or oranges, along with a great big frothy beer symbol.

Play A Night Out Scratch Online

Playing A Night Out Scratch

In order to play this and other casino games at the Playtech powered Slots Heaven online casino, players will find that there are a few simple guidelines to follow. To begin with, players simply need to choose which scratch cards they wish to play. After choosing the A Night Out Scratch game, players will see a three by three square on the screen. Players then need to scratch off the squares, which can be done either square by square, or by choosing the Delete All option. Players can also choose from a choice of wagering options, and payouts will be in accordance with the amount wagered. In this game, players will find that the different symbols that are seen will pay out different amounts. When three matching symbols are found in a straight line, a payout is made. The women symbols pay out varying amounts from the highest payout of x500, as well as a x100 and a x50 payout. The various drinks symbols pay out from x1 to x20 of the wager that was placed.

A Night Out Scratch is Based on the Slot Game

Players may well be familiar with the video slot game of the same name, “A Night Out,” that is also offered at Slots Heaven casino. While players can enjoy the same familiar theme, the game play for scratch cards is simply quicker and more immediate. Players can enjoy this and other instant scratch cards at the click of a button with immediate results, whereas playing the slot game of the same theme will take players longer to play. It is possible to choose the auto play feature for those who wish to play A Night Out Scratch a number of times in a row.