Beetle Bingo Scratch

The Beetle Bingo Scratch game from Slots Heaven is a game that combines scratch cards and bingo. Players get to enjoy a combination of a classic bingo game along with an interesting scratch game. Players will find that not only do they have one chance of winning, but rather three chances of winning when playing this game. Players will also enjoy the great graphics that come with the game, in this unusual and fun choice of instant casino games.

Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online

Game Play of Beetle Bingo Scratch

This Slots Heaven scratch card game, the Beetle Bingo Scratch, is definitely a bit unusual when it comes to playing scratch cards. The game play begins as most other scratch casino games do, in that players need to choose how much they wish to play for and choose the value of the bet that they plan to wager for the game that they are about to play. After that, players need to click on the Play button. After clicking on the Play button, players will need to give a virtual shake of a glass that contains beetles. The beetles each come with the bingo numbers on their backs. After shaking the glass with the beetles, the glass will pour 15 beetles into a tube. After the beetles have been poured into the tube, players will need to scratch off the panel to see if any of the lines made up of five numbers matches the numbers that are found on the beetles that are in the tube. If they do, that is a winning combination in this game.

Beetle Bingo Scratch Theme

Sometimes players choose a game because they like the challenge, or perhaps the some casino games are chosen because of their themes, but the Beetle Bingo Scratch game may well be chosen by many not only because it combines both bingo and scratch cards, but also because the fun graphics with the cute beetles being shaken in the glass and then lining up in the tube is simply fun to watch. The way the game has been designed adds both excitement and suspense to this instant win game. The game is set in the jungle, a place where you would certainly find a good number of beetles. The tiny little beetles that are found in this jungle themed Beetle Bingo Scratch card game at Slots Heaven can certainly help players to win big.