Blackjack Scratch

Slots Heaven offers its players some of the best and most exciting scratch cards that are available online. The Blackjack Scratch card game is one of these exciting casino games. While many scratch cards are simply fairly basic scratch cards with differing themes, this instant scratch game is one that combines a blackjack theme and a scratch card theme. When playing blackjack as a scratch card game, however, players do not need to bother with thinking up or learning a good strategy to follow, because being an instant game, the game is based purely on luck, however, it still has the feel of a blackjack game. Not only will players who love blackjack want to give this game a try, those who like the chance to win big when playing casino games will like that the top payout in this game is a whopping $100,000 jackpot.

Play Blackjack Scratch Online

Winning in Blackjack Scratch

There are three player hands that are dealt in this scratch card game, and one dealer hand. The hands are revealed when the player virtually scratches off the card to reveal the hands underneath. Only two players per hand are dealt, and players will win if any of the three player hands are the best hands. When playing other scratch cards, players are looking to match up a few symbols, however, in this scratch card game, players have three chances of winning if any of the player hands either reach 21 points, or are closer to 21 than the dealer hand. Seeing as the game is played randomly with the hands being chosen by the random number generator software, it is impossible to predict which hand will win, adding great excitement to the game. Blackjack Scratch is one of the very popular casino games at Slots Heaven casino.

Playing Blackjack Scratch at Slots Heaven

This game is played in much the same way as other scratch cards are played at Slots Heaven casino. Players simply need to choose the amount that they wish to wager on the game before beginning play. After that, players should press the Play button and the game will begin. Players can either choose the scratch all option, or can add additional suspense by scratching off each hand individually. It is also possible to choose the Auto Play option as is available for this and many other casino games. Once the hands are revealed, if the player has a winning hand, they will instantly win their payout.