Classic Slots Scratch

The Classic Slots scratch game at Slots Heaven combines two great types of casino games into one. Players get to enjoy the look and feel of a classic slots game combined with playing scratch cards. Classic slots games are three reeled slots, and although they are now played online, they are reminiscent of the old fruit machines that were amongst the first slot games available. The game has been given a retro design to add to the feel of playing a classic slot game, and symbols that have been included for this Classic Slots scratch card game are the well known fruits that are found on fruit machines, such as lemons, grapes, watermelons and cherries, along with bars, bells, and of course, lucky sevens.

Play Classic Slots Scratch Online

How to Play Classic Slots Scratch

When playing any of the scratch cards that are found at Slots Heaven, players need to first choose a betting level. Once the player has decided how much they will be wagering on each game they wish to play. When playing Classic Slots scratch, players will see three slot machines lined up. Players have three chances of winning as each slot machine will show three symbols. If the three symbols match on any one of the slot machines, players will receive the appropriate payout for those casino games. In order to begin play, players first need to press the Play button, after which they will be prompted to Scratch All if they wish to do so. For those who would prefer to scratch each of the panels manually, they can do so with the click of their mouse button.

Slots Heaven Classic Slots Scratch

While there are many choices of scratch cards that can be found at Slots Heaven, players may well wish to choose the Classic Slots scratch game. The game is easy to play and has clear and classic graphics that are associated with playing classic slots games. The game also comes with sound effects when Play is clicked and when special winning combinations are seen on the screen. There are different sound effects for the various winning combinations. For those who wish to choose the Auto Play option, this is easy to do. Players simply need to choose the number of scratch casino games that they would like to set to be played in a row. Once the number of games has been selected, players can click the play button next to the Auto Play feature, and can sit back and relax while the Slots Heaven casino software does the rest!