Dolphin Cash Scratch

The Dolphin Cash Scratch card game is yet another favorite at the Slots Heaven online casino. This is certainly one of the casino games that players will want to choose when looking at the extensive list of scratch cards that are available at the online casino. This great scratch game takes players off to the deep blue sea, where the air is clear and so is the water. Dolphins are definitely a favorite when it comes to see creatures, which makes this a great theme when playing scratch cards. When winning a Dolphin Cash Scratch card game with three dolphins in a row, players will see an animation with a dolphin doing a celebratory dive to some great music in the background. Dolphins love to play, and so do those who have chosen to join us at Slots Heaven, making this game a perfect way to spend your leisure time!

Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Online

Play Up to Five Dolphin Cash Scratch Cards

One of the great features that is found in the Dolphin Cash Scratch cards is that players can choose to play up to five scratch cards at a time. This great instant game allows players to choose between one and five cars when playing, which is somewhat different to other scratch casino games that are found at Slots Heaven.

Playing the Dolphin Cash Scratch

When playing the Dolphin Cash Scratch card game, players will see a number of rows. Players can choose how many of the five rows they wish to scratch. A row that has three dolphin symbols in it is a winning row. Players can choose how many rows to activate when playing. There is an additional cell at the end of each row in these scratch cards. After there has been a win, players can scratch off this spot to see what multiplier they have been given for the winning combination. Multipliers can be as little as a 1x or a 2x multiplier up to a whopping 1,000x or 10,000x multiplier. When playing this game at Slots Heaven, players will find that as with other scratch casino games at the casino, it is possible to choose from a range of choices how much to wager per line played. Payouts are made according to the size of the initial wager, so when winning, players will receiver larger payouts when they have placed a larger bet on the scratch cards.