Football Mania Scratch

The Football Mania Scratch is one of the popular scratch cards amongst soccer and other sports fans at this online slots. There are a number of sports themed casino games found on the Internet and for those who love football, this is a great game to play. Even those who are not soccer fans are likely to enjoy this scratch card or one of the other scratch cards that are available at the Slots Heaven casino. While soccer fans all over the world keep an eye on their teams and hope that they will win, those who play the Football Mania Scratch game will be keeping an eye open for winning combinations. To add to the feel of a football game, when players click on the Play button, a whistle blows, just like at the start of a real soccer game. Keep your speakers on!

Play Football Mania Scratch Online

Winning the Football Mania Scratch

When playing the Football Mania Scratch game, players will see that it is somewhat different to most of the other scratch casino games that they will find online. The game has one big panel which shows the Football Mania logo, and six smaller panels on the right hand side of the game screen. Unlike other scratch cards, players are not trying to get a combination of three or more symbols, however, they are looking to match up a symbol with the one that is shown in the larger left hand side panel. Players may see a number of symbols, such as the goalie gloves and a soccer ball, football boots, a whistle, a player with a trophy, a symbol of a soccer stadium, and also the Football Mania logo. When one of the symbols that is seen on the right hand side is a match for the one symbol shown on the left hand side, the Slots Heaven player will win some cash.

Playing the Football Mania Scratch Card

While the format of the Football Mania Scratch game is slightly different to other scratch cards, the game is played in the same way as other Slots Heaven instant scratch games. Players first need to choose a wagering level, then click on the Play button. After that, players can scratch off the panels, and if there is a winning symbol, the player will win the payout according to the pay table. If the player does not win, either play another time, or choose one of the other great casino games found at Slots Heaven.