Gladiator Scratch

The Gladiator Scratch instant game is based on the Russell Crowe movie, Gladiator. The movie was an instant hit in the year 2000, and players who enjoyed watching the movie will certainly enjoy the scratch cards with the same theme. The look and the feel of the Gladiator movie can be found on your screen when playing the online slot game. The symbols that are seen in this scratch game are taken directly from scenes that viewers will remember from the actual movie. Players will see symbols of Commodus, Lucilla, the gladiator himself, and a few other key characters. There is also a symbol with an image of the outside of the fighting arena.

Play Gladiator Scratch Online

More About the Gladiator Scratch Game

Online casino games, for the most part, are easy to master. This is especially true for scratch cards, because while they are exciting and players can walk away with instant wins, the games themselves are games of chance and are simple to play. When playing the Gladiator Scratch game, players need to see three matching symbols that are either in a row or in a column in order to win the game.

How to Play the Gladiator Scratch

To begin with, players need to make sure to choose the Gladiator Scratch game from the casino games list. Players should not get the scratch cards game confused with the online slot game that is also known as Gladiator. The games have the same themes and many similar images and symbols, so can easily be confused. Whether you choose the slot game or the scratch cards, you are sure to enjoy your gaming experience. After selecting the Gladiator Scratch game, players need to choose a wagering level. Players who wish to choose a lower bet can do so because it may suit their gambling budget, however, it should be noted that payouts are made based on the wager that has been chosen. Winning combinations are paid out according to multiples of the original bet placed on the game at Slots Heaven. After choosing a betting level, click on the Play button to begin the game. Players should then scratch the nine panels to reveal the symbols underneath. It is possible to choose to scratch all the symbols at the same time. As with many other casino games at Slots Heaven, this game has great sounds and graphics.