Lotto Madness Scratch

The Lotto Madness Scratch game is one of the fun scratch cards that are found at these online slots.. Players who love lotteries will find this game particularly appealing. Casino games that have great themes are always worth coming back to and this scratch game is no exception. Those who play the lottery will often enjoy the chance to watch the winning numbers being drawn on television, but for those who enjoy this kind of excitement, these scratch cards can provide the fun over and over again. Players will see the lottery ball emulator, and get to watch the balls drop. If the numbers match up, you have a winner!

Play Lotto Madness Scratch Online

Playing the Lotto Madness Scratch

As with all scratch cards, play is fairly simple and can be mastered in seconds. This means that there is no wait when you want to play these casino games. In this game at Slots Heaven, players are allowed to choose how many cards they would like to play from between one and three scratch cards. When the cards have been chosen, players simply need to decide how much they are wagering on each of the three casino games. Once this decision has been made, play begins. To begin play, simply press the Play button, and the lottery balls will be activated, and five balls will make their way into the tube that can be seen above the Lotto Madness Scratch games. After that happens, it is time to get scratching. Players do not need to match all the numbers that are found in the tube, however, any single number that matches one of the numbers in the tube is a winner. In addition to the basic winning numbers in this Slots Heaven scratch game, players could also uncover either a special bonus symbol or a special cash prize symbol that come with great wins too.

Great Graphics in Lotto Madness Scratch

For those who are looking to add a splash of color to their screens, choosing these scratch casino games is the way to go. The bright and colorful Lotto Madness Scratch game comes with great cartoon images and the flashing lotto cards. This game is somewhat different from other scratch games, which adds a bit of additional excitement to the game play. Slots Heaven has a great selection of scratch games, and Lotto Madness Scratch is certainly up there with the best of them!