Love Match Scratch

All casino games that come with a love theme are most likely to be popular amongst players, and the Love Match Scratch is no different in this regard. Players will find that the game focuses on romance and angels, and while some may enjoy getting mushy, others will simply enjoy the chance to win some great prizes on these scratch cards. This great love themed game mixes two popular themes, love and money. Some love love, and some love money, and with the Love Match Scratch at these online slots, players get a chance to enjoy both love and the chance to win some money at the same time.

Play Love Match Scratch Online

How to Play the Love Match Scratch

Playing the Love Match Scratch game is easy and fun. As with other scratch cards, players simply need to choose a betting amount at the bottom of the Love Match Scratch screen. Once the betting amount has been chosen, players can choose to play a single game at a time, or can choose the Auto Play option that allows the Slots Heaven computer software to play the games for you. In order to win this game, players will need to find three angel symbols in one row. Whether the row is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, you will be a winner with love in the air, and cash in your pocket!

Love Match Scratch Symbols and More

Popular casino games that come with a love theme will also have many hearts on the screen, and the Love Match Scratch game is no different. Not only do the panels that are waiting to be scratch come with hearts on them, there are hearts that are found in a number of other places when playing these scratch cards. When players choose a wagering level, there is a heart that can be clicked on to lower the amount and an upside down heart that raises the amount. When choosing the Auto Play choice, players can also reduce the number of games chosen for Auto Play by clicking on a heart, and the upside down heart is available to increase the number of games played. Player will see the love angels at the top of the scratch cards, as well as on the nine game squares, along with other symbols such as a huge piece of cake. Players can enjoy this and other casino games at the Slots Heaven online casino, a place where you will love to play!