Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch

The Egyptian themed scratch cards that are found in the Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch game are the way to go if you are looking for some great treasures. In order to stand the chance of gaining riches, you do not have to go through the effort of actually going to the ancient pyramids and hoping that you can avoid the curses that are rumored to abound, you can simply stand the chance to win riches by clicking a few buttons on this online slots site, and choosing the casino games list that will help you to enter the Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch game. Being the supreme and all-powerful leader of the land, the Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt create a great theme for scratch cards. Symbols include pyramids, scorpions, cats, scrolls and other Ancient Egyptian images.

Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Online

How to Play the Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch

When playing the Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch game at Slots Heaven, players will first need to set their betting level. Once this decision has been made, play continues with the click of a couple of buttons. Casino games that are easy to play are often some of the best loved casino games around. Players can shuffle the scratch cards up to three times before each game if they would like to have the chance to pick a different card. After that, the player presses the Play button, the prize symbol will be revealed. The player then either scratches off the card manually or can choose the scratch all option. This game has six panels to scratch off, and if one of the symbols that are revealed match the prize symbol that appeared just after Play was pressed, the player is a winner. Wins can be extremely lucrative depending on which symbol is turned up, and whether it is match by the hidden symbols or no.

The Mystery of Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch

Scratch cards definitely lend themselves to a mysterious game such as this one. The ancient pyramids hold so many mysteries and secrets, and many may wish that they could be revealed as easily as the symbols in these scratch casino games. The Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch from the Playtech software provider is one that will keep players wanting to come back for more. When a win is made, the whole screen shakes. Slots Heaven players get to enjoy both mysteries and fun in one game!