Roulette Scratch

There are a great number of scratch cards that are available for play at these slots. Many of these casino games have varied themes from movies, and from other games found on the casino site. The Roulette Scratch card game is a roulette themed game that will be popular both with roulette players and other casino players. Roulette is one of the classic casino games that is recognized around the world, both by those who play the game and by those that do not play. The Roulette Scratch game is definitely worth giving a spin.

Play Roulette Scratch Online

Playing the Roulette Scratch Card Game

While this Roulette Scratch game may be reminiscent of roulette, players do not actually need to understand the game of roulette to play it. As with other scratch cards, players need to place a wager before beginning game play. Players then clickon the Play button, and the next thing that players need to do is scratch away. There is no need for the player to pick a number, or group of numbers, as would be the case in regular roulette casino games. There are five scratch panels that need to be scratched, and players can choose to scratch one panel at a time, or can choose the scratch al choice in which the computer software will simply scratch off all the panels at the same time. If one of the panels reveals the same number that is shown on the roulette wheel on the left hand side of the scratch panel, then the player has won. If not, it is always possible to play another game just as easily at the Slots Heaven casino.

Roulette Scratch on Auto Play

The Roulette Scratch game can be played both manually, where players will press play each game and scratch off the scratch cards’ panels. However, most scratch casino games offer an automatic option, when players can choose the Auto Play choice if they would prefer to let the computer software, with its random number generator, play for them. When choosing this option, players should make sure to choose the number of games that they wish to play. The same chosen betting level will be used for all the games when they are played on Auto Play. Whether you choose Auto Play, or whether you choose to play these scratch cards manually, the Roulette Scratch game at Slots Heaven is a great game to play.