Cowboys & Aliens Slots

Cowboys & Aliens is possibly the most eclectic of all the Slots Heaven online casino games you will ever play, and we’re not just talking about the characters! Everything from the lineup to the play of the specialty features makes this edition stand out from the rest. If you like the idea of something really different for a change, then check out this adventure today!

Play Cowboys & Aliens Slots Online

Cowboys & Aliens Slots Icons

Like we said, Cowboys & Aliens has some pretty strange characters showing up for role call. There is a trigger-happy gunslinger who is out to nab some bad guys. Then, you have the wide-eyed priest who isn’t sure how he factors into the whole equation. Don’t forget about the blood-sucking extra terrestrials, the Indian figure and the friendly red head who each have their own part to play in this zany saga! These are just the regulars; wait till you hear about the specialty features!

The novelty icons for these online slots are pretty standard; a wild, a scatter and a bonus symbol, but the normalcy ends there. Let’s start with the scatter symbol, the logo of Cowboys & Aliens. Get three or more of the logo icons, and you will rack up eight free spins with a unique feature called the comic strip wild. The way this wild works is also unusual. You’ll see a space on the board light up. This whole area is what is considered to be a wild icon. With such a huge wild area, you’re almost guaranteed a win!

Cowboys & Aliens Slots Bonus Features

Bonus rounds are always exciting, but this one really knocks things out of the ballpark. The bonus feature occurs when you get the alien symbol on the first and fifth reels. Then, you get to choose which character you want to play in this feature. Zeke will give you a round with gunshots, Verity has a whip as her weapon of choice and the Indian warrior uses a bow and arrow. Each has its own level of accuracy, and the more Martians you blast, the higher the cash flow will be in the end!

There is also an exclusive weapons feature that you won’t find anywhere else. The weapons feature appears when just one of the handgun symbols show up on the first reel. When this happens, watch the trigger to find out how many wilds you’ll be receiving. Next, the gun will shoot out a green stream, turning the regular icons into wilds in an explosion of good fortune! Get over to Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven now for the kind of fun that can only be described as out of this world!